Friedell District-Wide

Middle school


Friedell Physical Education

Mr. Robinson





At the middle school level, we will be requiring all students to change for physical education classes.  These uniforms can be purchased through the PE department ($15) or you may wear black shorts and a grey shirt of your own.  Choosing not to wear a uniform will result in disciplinary action.  Students are responsible for having appropriate footwear while in class (slip on shoes, sandals, crocks and the like are not allowed in class).  Jewelry is not to be worn to class and I will not be responsible for any items you bring to class.  Please do NOT bring valuables to class.  If you do, it is your responsibility to lock it up. 


Each student will be assigned a locker and a lock free of charge, and will be responsible for these throughout the school year.  Students will be charged $5 for unreturned PE locks. The physical education department is not responsible for any lost or stolen items – if it is of value to you, don’t bring it to school!  You are roughly given 5 minutes to change after class begins and before class ends.


I have the highest expectations of you.  It is up to you to treat everyone around you with respect and use our equipment properly – treat everyone how THEY want to be treated.  You already have my respect, don’t lose it!   

T. = Time: On time, dressed and ready to go.
E. = Effort: I’m looking for activity/movement not touchdowns!
A. = Attitude: Be positive. Include everyone so that all can be active.
M. = Manners: Give respect and get respect. 



This is a general way of looking at my expectations, but you should have a good idea of what’s wrong and right.  Points are deducted for disregarding any of the T.E.A.M. expectations.  Any day that a sub is here for me, points will count as double.  No questions asked!  You have earned you’re 3 points for the day just by walking into the gym for class and being prepared.  It is up to you to keep it.  Absences count as a full day deduction (3 points).  All marks from the “Team” expectations and being tardy to class result in 1 point.   Make ups can be made for EXCUSED absences in a variety of ways (see below).

80% of your grade will be based on the “TEAM” standards.

10% of your grade will come from Cardio Days

10% of your grade will be fitness testing/special units



Excused absences from class have the opportunity to be made up outside of school (HR monitors/cardio days can be made up during RTI time).  It is up to the student to print off a make-up form, fill it out and turn it back in.  Points will be given based on the completion of the make-up form. 

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